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Welcome to Cyber Overdose

Hello, Cyber Overdose is the brainchild of myself and the name has carried over to my unofficial clan. The clan mostly consists of friends and family and the tag |CO| is mainly used to distinguish ourselves from other people we are playing against whether it be on PC or Xbox 360. This site will provide you with a compilation of purchasing deals as well as a continuing library of my personal games and movies. -Sacsquash

07/27/2008 No Updates
Will not be updating site for a while due to a family tragedy. My wife's sister (Emily) was killed in a car accident on July 10th. She will be greatly missed and forever loved in our hearts. -Sacsquash

06/30/2008 Xbox 360 Price Drop
Rumor has it that the week of July 6th Microsoft will have a $50 price drop on the Xbox 360. The Pro unit with a 20GB HDD will only be $299. -Sacsquash

06/09/2008 Retail & Clearance Update
My retail and clearance success stories have been added. I don't have any stories yet, but I have added some items I have purchased from various retail stores. -Sacsquash

06/08/2008 Current Deals Update
I have updated and posted my first current deals. As of now I only have Best Buy and Circuit City listed but I may consider listing other stores. -Sacsquash

06/06/2008 Just Getting Started
Well the site isn't much to look at, but I promise there will hopefully be some significant changes in the near future. -Sacsquash

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